FSA Next Day Pay Service

After months of testing our capabilities and processing speed, we are officially launching our brand new FSA Next Day Pay service!  We’re really excited about this because we will be returning money to our participants even quicker.

The way it works is if a participant submits their entire reimbursement request through the NGE Participant Portal, receipt and all, and they do it by 3PM ET, NGE will adjudicate the claim that same day and the funds will be released the next day, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday; we expect a lot of our FSA/HRA/HSA department but we aren’t yet making them work weekends! 

Dependent Audit Service

After reviewing some recent case studies on our dependent eligibility audit service, it became very clear that the average client will generate two years worth of benefits administration service fees from one 90 day dependent audit project.  Our average client finds 6.2% of audited dependents to be ineligible and this correlates to around 2 years worth of full-service benefits administration fees.