Today’s HR teams are facing more challenges than ever before. From ACA rules to changing workforce demographics, the confusion over how to remain effective is causing some communication pile ups. Offensive, defensive, and even special teams tactics are needed to create effective plays in today’s workplace. How do you dodge employee information overload and still turn around deliverables like successful open enrollment and wellness program participation? You need a game plan!


Enter Next Generation Enrollment’s Communications Department. Perfectly positioned to step in and take some of the confusion out of what to say, when to say it, and how to say it… we are your special teams coach. We come in when needed to assist you in ensuring the right messages are getting down the field.


Consider your players:

  1. Your Employees

Not only are your employees your biggest asset, they are also your main audience! But employees these days have information coming from all directions—other teammates, family members, social circles, and more. There are signs and flags on the playing field constantly. Making sure your messages get across through the noise is no small task. With our expert team we can help analyze your employee base to figure out how you can be most effective. Ages, genders, and even salaries can all play a role in determining communication strategies. Let our knowledge and experience lead the way.


  1. Executive Leadership

While your employees are your main audience, you cannot ignore the fact that you may have to convince your company leadership to go with you on some of your communication ideas and strategies. Upper level buy-in is crucial in creating company culture as well as making sure your messages are consistent. Imagine what would happen on a football field if players got mixed signals from coaches and quarterbacks. If all players are not receiving the same message the ball will not move down the field. Next Generation Enrollment (NGE) can help pitch strategies backed by research and statistics to make sure your entire company is on board for a winning action plan.


  1. Fans on the Sidelines

Think that your employees make their benefits decisions alone? Think again! Rarely do employees make decisions regarding their benefit plans without buy-in from spouses, parents, partners, or even peers. Make sure your messages are easily handed-off at any point in the game! Utilizing tools like mobile friendly online informational videos, emails, text messages, and postcards mailed directly to homes can ensure your efforts will reach all players involved in decision making, even if they’re outside the huddle. We’ll help you figure out which methods will be most effective for your entire team.


We are Next Generation Enrollment. We are a one-stop shop for all your communication needs. With 100% customizability, NGE will work with you to create a strategy tailored to your employees’ needs. Together we will build a communications plan that will bring the right information at the right time, to the right people, and in the right channel.


Download our whitepaper—Your Guide to Engaging Employees Through Effective Benefits Communications—to learn more.


Or click here to set up a time to speak with someone about how we can help you create a winning game plan today.

Employee Benefits Communication — What’s Your Game Plan?

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