Implementing Great Communication Strategies During Your Company’s Dependent Eligibility Audit



Employees are more positive and apt to comply with an audit when every portion of the DEA is clearly communicated. A diversified communication plan is necessary to ensure a high response rate from employees.


Communications could include:

  • Internal emails
  • Centralized information posters
  • Direct mail to employee homes
  • Word of mouth (via managers and HR)
  • Video postcards


The initial communication should be sent out to all employees prior to the DEA start.

Choosing NGE for Your Next Dependent Eligibility Audit

Did you know that on the typical employer’s medical plan, 6.2% of the covered dependents are ineligible for coverage due to divorce, custody issues and a host of other reasons?


Under National Healthcare Reform, does your organization want to spend $63 per covered dependent for the Transitional Reinsurance Fee when, on average, 6.2% of your dependents shouldn’t be covered in the first place?